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Graphic Designer, The Internet

14. I am an aspiring Graphic Designer/Content creator.

I was born into quite a poor family. Living in a very small trailer in the “woods.” We didn’t have much ,but didn’t let that keep us down. In 2006, my grandmother died and we moved into an actual house. Five years later, my parents announced that they we’re getting a divorce. I was then send into a depression that lasted for 2 years. In 2013 I started my first YouTube channel. Later that year I stumbled across a youtuber called “TirykRocks2” or as most of you know him now as Tiryyfic. I subscribed to him and he commented on my channel. I then decided to message him on YouTube. I’m really glad I did, cause that help me get to where I am now. 500+ subscribers strong, with a passion for graphic art. It has been amazing.